PCMag hardware analyst Brian Westover has performed a benchmark test comparison between the Apple M1 Max and M1 Ultra

While the M1 Max Mac Studio remains a fairly close to a M1 Max MacBook Pro when it comes to performance (as noted in those initial tests), the full picture of the Mac Studio’s usefulness is now more abundantly clear, he says.

Here’s how much the M1 Ultra Mac Studio outperformed the M1 Max Mac Studio:

  • With twice the horsepower rendering visuals, the M1 Ultra dominated almost every graphics test we ran.
  • Testing processing power, the M1 Max Mac Studio notched a respectable 4:49 minutes in this test, holding its own against other high-end mini PCs, while the M1 Ultra Mac Studio blew that result out of the water, cutting the time down to 2:34 minutes. That’s not just the fastest time we’ve ever gotten on a Mac, it’s the quickest time we’ve seen, period.
  • For CPU-driven tests, we saw scores nearly double on the M1 Ultra.
  • In browser suitability tests for advanced web applications we saw far less variation between the M1 Max and M1 Ultra. At times, the M1 Ultra fell just behind the M1 Max.

You can read the entire report and see the result charts by going here.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today