Various companies make mounts for holding an iPhone in place in a vehicle. Apple is considering making its own such accessories. The tech giant has filed for a patent (number 20220089100) for “attachment devices for securing a phone in a vehicle.”

About the patent filing

In the patent filing, Apple notes that, as a result of the ubiquity and increasing functionality of electronic devices, they now travel with users wherever they go — including in a vehicle. Unfortunately, these phones or other electronic devices can move inside of a vehicle during sharp turns or sudden stops. 

A phone or other electronic devices can slip between a seat and a console. Apple says that these actions can simply annoy a user, or they can become dangerous. For these reasons, Apple is considering making attachment devices that can securely fix a position of a iPhone or other electronic device in a vehicle. The company also wants the attachment device to be able to charge an iPhone.

Summary of the patent filing

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent filing with tech details: “Attachment devices for securing phones and other electronic devices in a vehicle. One example can provide an attachment device that can include a stalk portion to attach to a surface or structure in a vehicle and an attachment portion, where the attachment portion includes an attachment face for mating with an electronic device. One or more attachment features can be located on the attachment face. An attachment device can further include power components for providing power to the electronic device.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today