Jamf, which specializes in Apple Enterprise Management, has introduced Jamf Fundamentals, a new plan built for the needs of small-midsized businesses. 

It combines Jamf’s mobile device management (MDM) technology with new capabilities for protecting, connecting, and empowering an organization’s end users through malware prevention, password sync, Self Service functionality for Mac, and the ability to deploy any iPad and iPhone app, custom profiles and macOS packages.

Much more than basic-level management, Jamf Fundamentals combines the core MDM capabilities of Jamf Now with other features so administrators can simply manage their organization’s devices. According to the folks at Jamf, those features include:

  • Management features: Jamf Fundamentals includes the core MDM capabilities small and midsized businesses need, including industry Blueprints, pre-built management templates which allow admins to customize groups of devices, deploy specific apps, restrictions and settings as they see fit.
  • Custom Profiles: Custom Profiles give users the benefit of being able to deploy unlimited configurations (including VPN configuration) without sacrificing the simplicity of Jamf Now Blueprints.
  • macOS Packages: Teams can take Mac management to new heights with macOS package deployment. They will be able to deploy macOS packages including offering apps not currently listed in the Mac App Store. 
  • Self Service: This on-demand Mac App catalog, powered by Jamf Self Service, provides a list of organization-approved Mac App Store and third-party apps, effectively giving end users instant access to the resources and tools they need. 
  • Custom Applications: With custom app deployment, you’re able to deploy and manage any iPad and iPhone app your team needs. Custom apps developed in-house or by a third party are easy to deploy. 
  • Support: Fast and reliable service is available through chat, email and phone support from day one.
  • Malware Prevention: Jamf Fundamentals helps prevent known Mac malware, viruses, trojans, adware, ransomware, and more from executing on organizational devices.
  • Password Sync: Powered by Jamf Connect, this feature helps keep the Mac password in sync with cloud credentials, leveraging a single identity for everything they need to be productive.

Jamf Fundamentals is available to try today for US$4/device/month and allows users to manage up to three devices for free. In addition to Jamf Fundamentals for small-midsized businesses, Jamf offers two other plans, Jamf Business and Jamf Enterprise. With three complete plans, Jamf offers management, security and privacy capabilities to help organizations of all sizes and requirements succeed with Apple. More information on all Jamf plans can be found here. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today