Element Case and Tyson Beckford (model, movie star and tactical enthusiast) have teamed up to offer the Limited-Edition Tyson Tactical Special Ops Watchband by Element Case for the Apple Watch. Key features of the lightweight, flexible, soft touch watchband, as described by Beckford, include:

° Shock deflection arms technology Double reinforced construction suspends and absorbs G-forces for superior impact protection. 

° Watch screen barricade. Front case bezel design prevents the phone screen from coming in direct contact with surfaces. An integrated pull-over strap provides extra tactical screen protection on demand (two are included). 

° Construction from impact-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane and high strength polycarbonate for reliable performance as well as comfort. 

The Tyson Tactical Special Ops Watchband by Element Case ($69.95) is available for the Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm only) and can be purchased exclusively at www.elementcase.com

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today