My iPhone 13 Pro Max is the only camera I use as it takes fantastic photos and videos. And JOBY’s PodZilla, a modular and flexible tripod, is a must-have accessory for “iPhone-ographers.”

I use my Apple smartphone to take lots of family photos and videos, as well as sports shots. Life is easier with the PodZilla, which incorporates an aluminum core covered in a grippy rubber outer layer for flexibility and easy positioning. It’s sturdy, easy to grip, and easy to use even if your iPhone has a case on it.

Since each leg is fully articulated, it’s easy to take photos or videos even on uneven terrain. Since it swivels, it’s easy to adjust positioning for your photos or videos. And it’s flexible enough to allow you to attach other shutter accessories.

The PodZilla range is available on, starting at $39.95 for a large tripod or medium kit (includes Medium PodZilla + GripTight 360 Phone Mount), and $49.95 for the large PodZilla kit. I prefer the large kit.

The PodZilla Medium Kit incorporates a ¼-20” locking wheel mount with push-button adjustability. It’s designed to work with compact mirrorless and bridge cameras, and smartphones, thanks to the GripTight 360 Phone Mount included in the PodZilla Medium Kit. The GripTight’s spring-loaded rotation gives users the capability to swap from portrait to landscape format with ease. The PodZilla Medium Kit comes in four different colors – grey, red, teal and yellow.

The PodZilla Large measures 2.17 x 2.87 x 12.40 in (as compared to the Medium’s 1.89 x 2.13 x 9.84 in dimensions) and its ¼-20” mount is designed to support loads of up to 5.5 pounds. The compact QR plate allows attachment of gears and the built-in bubble level allows users to fine-tune the positioning of their device to get a level surface for more professional looking content. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today