STM Goods has announced a new line of MagSafe accessories. They include the:

  • MagLoop (US$29.99): 3-in-1 accessory with a finger loop designed to make an iPhone easier to hold. This can be beneficial when you’re using the device one-handed or need a little help stabilizing your shot before taking a picture), a swing-out kickstand that allows you to prop your phone up on a desk (easier to watch videos hands-free) and a handy bottle opener.
  • MagArm ($49.99): This laptop accessory (pictured) attaches to the back of your screen, creating an instant phone holder. The wirelesss charging puck can be titled upward and downward, so your phone is always facing a comfortable angle. 
  • MagPod ($49.99): This collapsible mini tripod ensures your phone is in view and accessible at all times. It also doubles as a handle for selfies or videos. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today