Zuma has created the Lumisonic, which it describes as “an ultra-compact, high performance loudspeaker with a low energy LED light, all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple to install, ceiling light fixture.” 

CEO Morten Warren adds that it’s “a virtually invisible, wireless and clutter free audio experience that combines circadian rhythm and mood lighting for users.” It works with the Zuma app, a free download at the Apple App Store.

Built into the Zuma app are a series of “Wellbeing” features that allow users to play atmospheric soundscapes and combine them with sympathetic lighting tones. 

With the Zuma, users can select both music and the lighting to suit moods with no hubs, control systems, cables or set up required. What’s more, with multiple Zuma lights in a ceiling, users are surrounded by color tuneable lights.

Warren says that Zuma has incorporated technology that will, later this year, allow users expand the capabilities of the devices to include motion sensors, smoke alarms and security systems to the device. Zuma’s Lumisonic (speaker light) costs £375 RRP (approximately US$312) per unit (excl. VAT). A companion Luminare (light only) product will be available in the summer priced at £125 RRP (US$104) per unit (excl. VAT), and are available to purchase at www.zuma.ai .

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today