Ultenic has rolled out its T10 robot vacuum cleaner with mopping capabilities and Auto Dust Disposal features.

The Ultenic T10 boasts four cleaning modes and various smart features including smart mapping, Ultra Carpet Boost technology and a long battery life. It’s equipped with a suction power of 3000pa and includes three adjustable suction modes including Standard, Quiet and Power. 

According to the folks at Ultenic, this allows the vacuum ideal to clean across the whole home and y suck up a range of garbage of all sizes, from dust to hair. Featuring “Ultra Carpet Boost” technology, the T10 can automatically adjust its suction power based on the different floor types it’s cleaning. 

In addition to being capable of three suction modes, the T10 is also able to provide multiple cleaning modes via a free app (available at the Apple App Store). When using the app, users of the robot vacuum can select between automatic cleaning, selective cleaning, 

The 2-in-1 dustbin and water tank (280ml dust container and 300ml electric water tank) allows the device to vacuum and mop at the same time using EOMS Pro Mopping technology.

Supporting ILNS 3.0 (Intelligent Laser Navigation System 3.0), the robot vacuum can purportedly perform 360-degree omnidirectional scanning to increase the efficiency of creating maps and planning cleaning paths to eliminate the interference of dark walls and bright lights. Using the Multi-Layer Mapping Technology, the Ultenic T10 can save more than one map on the app, allowing for multiple floor maps to be stored.

Different cleaning times can be scheduled for different areas, floors or rooms. Users can also set up forbidden areas by simply dragging the frame on the app to show the places that the vacuum should avoid. Up to 10 no-go zones can be added for each cleaning cycle and they can also be saved for the next cleaning job.

The robot vacuum even includes an Automatic Dust Collection Base. This feature means that the dustbin doesn’t need to be manually detached to remove the dust as it can be cleared automatically. The T10 will do this once it has returned to recharge and aligned with the dust collection base once the cleaning cycle has been completed.

The T10 offers a runtime of up to 280 minutes under the silent mode. This is supported by a 5200mAh high-capacity battery. The robot vacuum comes with a one-year warranty.

The T10 robot vacuum cleaner is now available to purchase from Amazon.com for US$569.99 — or $469.99 with the extra $100 coupon offer.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today