Zigazoo has announced that Zigazoo Classrooms is now live on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store in time for back-to-school.

It’s designed to give teachers the tools to create their own private groups or “classrooms” directly on the app. Classroom leaders can assign one of Zigazoo’s hundreds of projects or build their own, then host classroom interaction with and between students by sharing short-form videos in their closed communities.

Zigazoo, which launched broadly in June, recently surpassed two million video views and has been called the “TikTok” for education because of the way that it gives students the ability to respond to educational prompts with short-form videos. On Sept. 8, Zigazoo is launching Zigazoo Channels so that students can respond to projects from well-known educational brands such as museums, zoos, literacy nonprofits, and children’s musicians, says CEO Zak Ringelstein.