Eve has updated its self-titled app to version 4.4. The app allows you to control connected home devices. The new version allows you to smart schedule suspension for Eve Aqua (which converts your outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet), more powerful context menus, and further refinements.

Eve 4.4 brings completely revamped integration of Eve Aqua with Shortcuts. You can install the built-in Siri Shortcut right from within the Eve app and simply ask Siri or launch the Shortcut from the Shortcuts app or the Today View widget to automatically check the weather forecast and suspend your watering schedule if necessary. Other new features of Eve 4.4 include:

  • Touch and hold the Eve app icon on your home screen to get a head start to accessing a specific home.
  • Quickly navigate to graph details, event lists and fullscreen camera views.
  • Copy and paste colors. Yes, you read that right: you can now use that color from your favorite mood light and apply it to any other HomeKit-enabled light in an instant — either an individual light, or all lights within a room. And if you want to have a color at your fingertips forever, simply add it to your color favorites right from the context menu.
  • Improved app launch experience.
  • Home sorting, of course shared across all your iOS devices
  • Improved HomePass integration — in case you didn’t know: if you use the excellent HomePass app to manage your HomeKit setup codes, you can pass along all device information after adding an accessory through Eve.