1 of Those Days — a digital, episodic series — will premiere the full series on July 23, on @1deEsosDias’ IGTV and will display English subtitles. The comedy was shot vertically on an iPhone 7, 8, and X.

1 of Those Days was created, co-written, and remotely produced by New York-based Argentinian creative director and producer Sabrina “Sal” Barca, Sabrina conceived the idea in 2018 after noticing the lack and the need for entertaining, fictional content on social media, and proposes Instagram as a streaming platform but adapted to social media habits.

For that reason, he says the episodes strive for dynamic and modern storytelling and were conceived as “capsules:” individual situations that can be seen independently but that collectively complete the whole story. The account will also use the existing features, such as Stories, to share additional scenes and aspects of the story.

The episodic series was directed, co-written, and edited by Andy Gorostiaga, an actor, editor, and producer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and stars actress Ailin Salas, known for XXY (2007), the Argentinian adaptation of In Treatment (2012). and Lulu (2014), for which she was nominated as Best Actress at the prestigious Argentinian Condor Awards.

The story follows a day in the life of a young woman who is invited to a party by her love interest. What starts as a seemingly regular day, soon will become a series of adventures and unexpected events that the protagonist will have to sort out to get to her destination. Her journey will ultimately lead her to learn more about herself.