Voodle  a short video app for business, built “to help teams overcome the challenges of the new workplace by transforming the way information is shared and discovered across an organization” — is now available for free in the Apple App Store. 

With business offices all over the world upholding social distancing and remote working practices, the platform is designed to help teams stay aligned and connected by capturing important business moments through short video and sharing across the places where work happens, says Voodle Chief Customer Officer Rachel Lanham.

“Similar to how Slack disrupted the email inbox, Voodle streamlines video communications by providing a smart alternative for all the times a quick 60-second video – shared with the right people – works better than a video conference call that takes so much more time,” she says. “ Now teammates can quickly share customer updates, status reports, account progress, and other important business moments across all their favorite work platforms – without losing the emotion and context.”

To get started, download the Voodle app from the Apple App Store, create a group,  then make and share “voodles” with colleagues, teams, or an entire organization.