As the world’s restaurants begin to reopen after battling COVID-19, a free app has hit Apple’s App Store giving diners a new way to find that perfect dish when they dine out.

“Most traditional restaurant menus don’t have pictures, and people eat with their eyes,” says Dave Compton, co-founder at jeet. “Ordering food off of a menu is one of the only purchases most consumers make ‘sight unseen.’ Jeet has millions of pictures of menu items for nearly every restaurant in the world. Now you can see what you are ordering.” Additionally, the jeet experience on your phone is a more hygienic choice than a traditional printed menu that must be cleaned after every use.

He says that features and benefits of the jeet app include:

  • No searching, just open jeet inside any restaurant.
  • Visual images of menu items at your fingertips in seconds.
  • See what your friends have eaten at the restaurant you are in.
  • Works in nearly all restaurants worldwide.
  • Safer alternative to traditional printed menus.
  • Free for consumers and restaurants to use.