NICE Actimize, which specializes in autonomous financial crime management, has announced that two new X-Sight Marketplace partners are offering a range of free tools and services designed to boost operational efficiency of AML investigations during the onslaught of COVID-19 related demands. 

The two partners focus on automation and screening requirements, leveraging advanced next-generation technologies. The NICE Actimize X-Sight Marketplace is described as the first financial crime and compliance ecosystem that connects financial services organizations with data, applications, tools and service providers, providing both the value of choice and the ability to reduce integration timelines.

The new partners offering customized solutions targeting anti-money laundering capabilities for the X-Sight Marketplace include Quantifind, a provider which drives automation and efficiency for financial crime applications by modeling predictive signals from public domain data, and KYC2020 LLC, a firm which focuses on sanctions screening requirements of small and medium-sized firms with next-generation technology.

Quantifind is offering the use of its Batch API software service that will allow financial institutions to triage daily alerts and to focus limited resources where there is the highest risk. KYC2020 leverages next-generation technology to reduce the cost and friction associated with traditional compliance solutions and speeds customer onboarding. For more information on the X-Sight Marketplace, please click here.