PFiddlesoft has released version 2.9.2 of UI Browser, the “ultimate assistant” for GUI Scripting with AppleScript, and a developer utility for exploring Apple’s Accessibility API.

UI Browser helps you explore, manipulate, and monitor the user interface of most macOS applications running on your computer. With the push of a button, it also generates AppleScript statements to control any application using GUI Scripting.

Version 2.9.2 enables users to turn UI element highlighting on and off in Screen Reader mode by holding down or letting up the Option key while moving the pointer. It also makes the Screen Reader more responsive to pointer movement and fixes a minor Screen Reader bug.

You can download a free, full-featured 30-day trial version of UI Browser. New customers may purchase UI Browser for US$55. Version 2.9.2 is a free upgrade for registered owners of UI Browser 2.0.0 and newer. UI Browser 1.4.1 is no longer supported and no free upgrade path is available.