24U Software has released fmRESTor.js, a JavaScript version of the open-source library. It’s designed for custom web app developers to easily integrate their JavaScript code with the RESTful FileMaker Data API without having to go through an intermediate PHP component hosted on a web server.

fmRESTor was originally developed as an object-based PHP library developed to seamlessly interact with databases and custom apps hosted on a FileMaker Server via the new powerful FileMaker Data API from within a PHP code. The new version extends its reach to JavaScript developers as well, providing the same ease of use, but without the need to know any PHP. 

By not relying on any hosted intermediate component, fmRESTor can now be used to directly talk to FileMaker Server even from specific environments, such as Web Viewer in FileMaker layouts. fmRESTor.js requires a modern web browser with JavaScript support and a FileMaker Server 17 or 18 to connect to.

The two flavors of fmRESTor are now available as fmRESTor.php and fmRESTor.js to make it easy for web developers. fmRESTor is available free of charge as open source, licensed under the “GNU LGPLv3” License. 24U says it greatly appreciates any feedback and contributions, but can’t provide free support for the tool. Developers may hire 24U to help them with their projects, either by purchasing paid support or by utilizing 24U’s custom development services.