ShiftCam —, a global mobile photography gear company “designed by photographers, for photographers” —  has announced its MultiLens Case for the iPhone 11 series is now available in the UK. 

With 90% of digital photos now being taken using a smartphone, the MultiLens case is an ideal accessory for those that are looking to improve their photography skills without the need for heavy and cumbersome equipment or to simply encourage creativity and develop a new skill in the home, while in the garden or out walking. With the ability to capture super close up photos of insects and flowers, zoom in on pets, landscapes and wildlife as well as enjoying fun perspectives that completely transform video recordings, it is guaranteed to produce impressive results.

The ShiftCam MultiLens Case is a compact, integrated MultiLens iPhone case that switches lenses in fractions of a second. Incorporating 4x Telephoto, 10x Macro, 20x Macro, and 180-degree fish eye lenses, plus a CPL filter, the ShiftCam ShiftCam’s CPL (Circular Polarizer Lens) filter is specifically designed to decrease glare, eliminate reflections, and increase contrast for any ultra-wide shots keeping photos absolutely stunning and glare-free. With the 10x and 20x macro lenses, it’s possible to capture everything from tiny insects and flora to grains of sand – unlocking a whole new perspective invisible to the naked eye, whereas the 4x telephoto lens doubles the iPhone’s built in 2x optical zoom to bring what’s far even nearer; without sacrificing quality. Finally, the fish eye lens allows for fun perspectives that completely transform any shots and, with a 180° field of view, users can capture everything from end to end.

Designed to simplify the external mobile lens experience and make it convenient for everyone, users can shift seamlessly and instantly between lenses with a simple slide-and-click motion. All lenses are always ready on the phone so you can easily choose the best one for your shot.  To protect the lenses, the case features a hinged cover which doubles up as a convenient stand.

The new ShiftCam MultiLens Case is available from Amazon UK and in two colors, Matte Black and Limited Edition Matte Transparent, at the following prices: iPhone 11, approximately US$87; iPhone 11 Pro, approximately US$98; and iPhone 11 Pro Max, approximately US$98.