Khoros, which specializes in customer engagement software, has announced its Spring Innovation Release, featuring a new product to expand the Khoros Care solution: Khoros Modern Chat, which enables brands to chat live in real-time or anytime with customers and prospects. 

The company also released new functionality to its Khoros Care solution, including live utilization analytics for smarter resource planning and instant customer feedback to understand NPS/CSAT across channels. In this COVID-19 crisis, customer service volumes are higher than ever and crashing many call centers. 

With contact center and support teams shifting to remote work, they need digital-first solutions to support frustrated and stressed customers. Khoros Modern Chat gives brands the ability to chat with prospects and customers on their website, says Mike Betzer, general manager of Khoros Care. According to a market study by Customer Contact Week Digital, 76% of contact center leaders say that live chat will become more important to their customer experience over the next five years.

Betzer says that, unlike traditional chat tools, Khoros Modern Chat gives brands the freedom to operate without sessions, on a channel that customers actually want to use. With Khoros Modern Chat, customers and agents can chat live in real-time or anytime (on-the-go), on any device, while maintaining full conversation history—information that 90% of consumers want to be able to access. Additional features of Khoros Modern Chat include:

° Easy-to-configure rules: Set proactive rules to throttle chat discovery based on any of your data, such as time on page, browser, location, and more.

° Automation: Resolve inquiries more quickly and accurately with customer-facing automation (welcome messages, pre-chat messages, triage, etc.) and AI-powered workflows.

° Rich content: Brands can have richer, interactive conversations that include any attachment (video, images, links, etc.) and emojis.

° Modern metrics: Measure agent performance and customer experience around conversations—not sessions—and manage workforce utilization for real-time staffing decisions.To learn more about Khoros Modern Chat, visit For more information about Khoros, visit