WaterField Designs ushers in the holidays with the new Leather Luggage Tag and Leather Handle Wrap to make holiday travel a little easier. 

Available in five colors, the Leather Luggage Tags can be used in contrasting colors to help travelers easily identify their baggage or in matching colors as a stylish luggage accessory. Full-grain, dual-layer leather and strong metal components make these high-quality, small items ideal stocking stuffer gifts for the holidays.

The $49 Leather Luggage Tag was designed in collaboration with over 500 frequent flier customers. Two layers of premium, full-grain leather are bonded together to withstand the rough and tumble of airline luggage handling. A hearty stainless steel wire slides through a metal grommet to attach the Luggage Tag to a wheeled suitcase, a carry-on or a day bag. 

A business card or an included address card slides behind a screened window and a GPS tracking tile (not included) slides into a designated slot behind that. The leather ID panel closes securely so it will open only when necessary, keeping ID information private while traveling.

WaterField’s new $19 Leather Luggage Handle Wrap is made from soft, full-grain leather with a strong Velcro closure that keeps the wrap solidly in place. The Wrap encloses a luggage grip to soften the carry or keeps two briefcase handles together as one. Available in five colors, the Luggage Handle Wrap in a contrasting color can help travelers easily differentiate their bag on airport luggage carousels, usually filled with a sea of similar-looking bags.

The new WaterField Leather Luggage Tag and Handle Wrap can be used with WaterField’s Air Porter or Air Duffel carry-on airline personal items or can be attached to one of WaterField’s many professional briefcases or backpacks.

You can pre-order them now at sfbags.com. Shipping begins Dec. 13 in time for Christmas.