360Works has rolled out MirrorSync 6, an update of the FileMaker data replication tool that can sync an offline database running on FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro with a database hosted by FileMaker Server. 

It can sync various configurations of SQL databases, such as MySQL, Salesforce, Amazon DynamoDB or Redshift, and WordPress with FileMaker. Version 6 simplifies the process of synchronizing two FileMaker Servers to handle mission critical tasks like server clustering for load balancing and data disaster recovery.

You can download the software at mirrorsync.com and start syncing with the new improvements. MirrorSync is free for one FileMaker Pro/Go device, with additional devices priced at $8-$95 per device depending on quantity. This price is for a single FileMaker solution, with addition solutions priced at $200/each, and server-to-server syncs priced at $1,600 – $2,000 depending on the types of databases. All prices are one-time costs, not annual.