Vungle, a performance marketing platform, has released an updated software development kit (SDK) for iOS. Vungle’s SDK 6.4 is iOS 13 and iPadOS ready.

The new SDK is also available for developers on Android and Windows operating systems.

“We’re excited to share Vungle’s 6.4 SDK with iOS developers, allowing them to immediately start developing on iOS 13 and iPadOS,” says Rick Tallman, CEO of Vungle. “Vungle’s 6.4 SDK is designed to increase earnings for app developers, improve app store experiences, and offer engaging ad formats on every available mobile operating system including Android and Windows.”

He adds that:

° SDK 6.4 allows publishers to utilize Apple’s latest iOS 13 and Xcode 11 including supporting dark mode, camera and photo enhancements, and separately, the upcoming iPadOS. Vungle also removed the now deprecated UIWebView.

° Cache optimization allows Vungle creatives to be available faster, increasing fill without sacrificing performance with publishers seeing up to a 15% increase in impressions.

° An updated MREC format that combines the industry standard 300 x 250 banner with Vungle’s high-quality video to create a dynamic, non-full screen ad that doesn’t interrupt the user’s in-app experience.

The Vungle 6.4 SDK for iOS, Windows and Android is available for immediate download from the Vungle website: