Winegard has launched the $349.99 Winegard Extreme WiFi extender for use inside the home or outdoors. It captures WiFi signals from up to a half mile away, according to Wireless Product Manager Robb Perrenoud.

The extender comes with Winegard’s free Connected app for easy set up and daily use, he adds. Able to add up to 1,000 feet of coverage, the Extreme WiFi extender also eases the need for family members to rely on 4G LTE data that can drive up cellular phone bills quickly. 

Perrenoud says it can perform seamlessly with 20 plus devices or more. In addition to enjoying high-speed access outside, users can be certain their information is secure due to its encrypted security protocol, he adds.

The compact device uses three amplified, omni-directional, high gain antennas. Extreme’s industrial housing is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as wind, rain and snow giving users more choices for placement than other routers.