Pomfort has released Livegrade Studio for macOS. Targeted at users working in multi-camera setups, it offers a router control infrastructure that enables handling of multiple live video signals. 

Users can view and interactively switch between multiple sources and destinations quickly. They can also create routing presets that help automate the process.

The software comes with a set of grading controls that enable users to create a consistent visualization of the DP’s creative intent across multiple cameras. 

Advanced, yet fully ASC CDL-compliant interaction types, like contrast, as well as Lift, Gamma, Gain, and Printer Lights, allow visualization of looks directly on the live images. 

Livegrade Studio requires macOS 10.13 or higher. It’s available as a yearly subscription for $999 or as a project license starting from $249. Livegrade Studio can be purchased in Pomfort’s web store (https://pomfort.com/store/), or through authorized resellers. A 10-day demo is available for download.