CogSci Apps Corp. has created Hook 1.0. The macOS (10.12.6 or higher) app allows users to access the information that’s most relevant to their current task by allowing them to instantly link other documents, projects, web pages, and more, to their currently open item. 

They can then instantly navigate between the linked items, with no need for multiple Mac Finder windows, tags, Spotlight, or other macOS trappings. The app, based on cognitive science, allows users to instantly create notes linked to a document, or other information item, providing instant navigation between the two.

Hook Essentials 1.0 is $14.99l, and and Hook Pro 1.0 is $19.99. Hook Pro has all the features of Hook Essentials, but also enables users to generate Markdown links, make Hook files, edit integration scripts, generate search links, and install and use Hook on more Macs. 

Both versions include software updates for one year and are available worldwide exclusively at the Hook website. A 30-day demo is available. Subsequent one-year software updates will be available at a discount of the original price. See the Hook