Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way ($34.95, 256 pages) is the beginner’s guide to applying statistics to real-world situations, with exercises that place the reader in fun and familiar hypothetical situations to demonstrate the practical application of Bayes’ Theorem.

Not just for data wonks, this book is designed as a fun toolkit for anyone who wants to make better decisions. Even those with little experience in math or statistics will find that the tools and techniques make intuitive sense, useful for turning abstract or limited data into practical information.

With examples using UFOs, LEGOs, Star Wars, the Twilight Zone, and more, Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way will demonstrate how to:

  • Calculate distributions to see the range of your beliefs
  • Compare hypotheses and draw reliable conclusions
  • Calculate Bayes’ theorem and understand what it’s useful for
  • Find the posterior, likelihood, and prior to check the accuracy of your conclusions
  • Use the R programming language to perform data analysis

Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way proves that statistics doesn’t have to be boring and restores its rightful place as a living science that can benefit everybody. 

The author, Will Kurt, works as a data scientist at Wayfair and has been using Bayesian statistics to solve real business problems for over half a decade. He frequently blogs about probability on his website, He’s the author of Get Programming with Haskell (Manning Publications) and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.