The planar tracking plug-in, Boris FX Mocha Pro, is now available as an OFX plug-in for Autodesk Flame 2020. 

The Mocha Pro 2019.5 release introduces a powerful new streamlined workflow to the high-end Flame artist community who have previously relied on Mocha’s standalone application for advanced tracking, rotoscoping, and object removal.

In addition, the Mocha Pro 2019.5 release gives users access to new features, export options, and improvements across all supported plug-in host applications (Adobe, Avid, OFX). Highlights include a new edge-snapping spline tool for faster rotoscoping and masking with fewer keyframes, new AE Power Pin exporter, custom workspace controls, and overall render speed optimizations. 

Owners of Mocha Pro 2019 (full licenses, annual subscriptions, and upgrade & support plans) will receive the new 2019.5 release as a complimentary upgrade. For new users pricing starts at $995 for the multi-host option.