Sonnet ( has announced new versions of its RackMac mini 1U rackmount enclosure and MacCuff mini security mounting bracket for Apple’s Mac mini computers, with updated designs optimized to support the proper cooling of the latest models (especially the late 2018 6-core model). 

The $199 RackMac mini secures one or two Mac mini computers side-by-side in a server, equipment, or portable rack or in a molded case. The $59.95 MacCuff mini secures the computer to the back of a monitor, under or on a desk or table, or even on a wall.

The RackMac mini envelops the computers inside a steel enclosure that’s 8.25 inches deep and features firm rubber cushions that hold the computers in place during transport. The MacCuff mini enables users to mount a Mac mini to the back of a monitor with available VESA mounting holes, under a desk, or attached to another surface with included hardware. Its steel locking bar provides theft protection when used with a user-provided padlock.

With its updated design, the RackMac mini now supports all Mac mini models, from mid-2010 through current (late 2018). With the included steel locking bar installed and the user’s padlock attached, the MacCuff mini secures a Mac mini on all sides, is pry-resistant, and provides theft deterrence. Sonnet also includes a .35-meter HDMI cable to connect a monitor-mounted computer.