Alien Skin Software has released Exposure X4.5, an update to the photo editor. It introduces new tools and refinements including:

° LUT support. Explore new creative possibilities by applying LUT effects to your photos. These striking looks are available freely on the Internet or produced by other photo and video apps. You can now import them into Exposure and further enhance them using Exposure’s advanced editing and layering tools.

° Redesigned Copy Photos from Card Tool. A complete overhaul makes copying images from your card or other source location easier and faster. You can visually preview your images before you copy them, choose the ones to copy, and rename them and apply metadata like keywords and creative presets from Exposure’s huge library of looks.

° Configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can assign your own custom shortcut keys for your editing, navigating, and organizing functions. If you’re migrating from Lightroom, you can use the new Lightroom keyboard layout to make switching even easier.

° Lens Flare and Haze Overlays. New freely moveable overlays mimic realistic lens flare and haze, for a variety of new looks.

Exposure 4.5 also adds support for new cameras and lenses, the ability to see the full list of collections a photo belongs to, and more. Plus, Alien Skin has updated the Exposure Bundle to include Exposure X4.5 as its central app. The bundle integrates Exposure, Snap Art, and Blow Up.

You’ll find more product details, example images, tutorial videos, and a free 30-day trial of Exposure here ( Purchasing a license is $119 for new users.