K-Devices (www.k-devices.com), a  developer of music software tools, has released WOV and TTAP, new plug-ins for the VST/VST3/AU/AAX formats. 

These plug-ins are K-Devices’ first in a new series of creative audio effects with DSP referred to as the Phoenix series and are available in new formats. This new series also introduces a new graphical user interface design philosophy “to streamline the creative process and encourage experimentation beyond the original DSP intent.”

According to the folks at K-Devices, WOV is a creative tool designed to bring an arsenal of complex amplitude modulation features to a wide variety of source and musical styles. TTAP is a delay effect with a set of creative features to process the delayed signal. The plug-ins are being offered for $45 each or as a $99 bundle through March 17. After that they’re $59 each or $99 for the bundle.