PlusUs has introduced the Xpad, which it claims is “the world’s thinnest and first-ever flexible wireless charging pad.” It boasts  a charging pad made entirely from genuine Italian leather, real timber veneer or cork, and handcrafted from eco-friendly materials. 

The Xpad is proportioned to accommodate all smartphone sizes and is perfect for any home or work setting.  An Indiegogo Campaign, which is being managed by The Launchpad Agency, launches today and has a funding goal of $20,000.  It features limited “early bird specials” of $32.

Current wireless pads use conventional materials, mainly plastic, which results in bulk and inflexibility. The Xpad is made from eco-friendly materials, with natural textures, tones, and durable characteristics that only mother nature can produce. 

By using natural materials and separating the circuit board from the charging pad, Xpad comes in at 2.2mm thin, which is 75% thinner than other wireless pads, all while increasing power and efficiency, according to Arash Shakibaee, head of Product Development, PlusUs. The outcome is a minimalistic, ultra-thin, flat, robust, flexible design that is aesthetically pleasing on any surface – even a contoured couch armrest, he adds.

Xpad’s adaptive smart chip technology automatically detects any Qi compatible device and delivers charge at the fastest speed set by device manufacturer. It can be used with all wall chargers. And, with early detection before contact, Xpad detects users’ phones prior to contact, ensuring early fast connection without searching for the charging spot.