Nektar Technology ( has launched the BOLT VSTi Synthesizer, the company’s first foray into the world of virtual instruments. It enables a different and fast approach to sound design with an unusually organic and warm sonic character, according to Nektar’s Marketing Manager Ralf Schluenzen. 

Harmonics Synthesis generates and shapes the sound directly in the oscillator: it doesn’t require the dedicated filter section typically found on subtractive synthesizers. By turning just one knob, a wave’s shape can be changed from dark and subtle to bright and overtone-rich.

BOLT is up to 16 voice polyphonic and offers two oscillators per voice, each equipped with suboscillator, noise generator, distortion and a dedicated ADSR envelope. Three syncable LFOs and a Modulation Envelope provide extensive modulation features. 

The number of overtones is set with BOLT’s Harmonics parameter, Rolloff additionally adjusts the steepness of the Harmonics “cutoff.”Apart from standard waveforms such as sine, saw or square, Harmonics Synthesis is also capable of generating pulse chains and alternating shapes. Cross modulation between BOLT’s two oscillators opens the door to FM-like sounds and all sorts of modulation mayhem. 

A Voice Double mode provides unison features and four integrated effects processors are designed to simplify the creation of production-ready patches. There are over 500 factory sounds, including artist patches.

The BOLT plugin is compatible with VST, VST3 and AU and runs on all current 64-bit macOS and Windows systems. The recommended retail price is $99 with a special introductory offer of $69 until Jan. 31, 2019