Fluance has launched the Reference Series High Fidelity Turntables, offering audio enthusiasts a pure, unparalleled analog experience.

The four models (RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85) are each designed using strict standards to reproduce audio recordings exactly as the musician intended them to be heard. Each of the turntables include an Ortofon cartridge that feature elliptical diamond styli that trace the grooves of a record’s surface, resulting in precise and accurate playback. The RT82 includes the Ortofon Super OM 10 cartridge; the RT83 and RT84 include the Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge; and the RT85 includes the Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge.

The servo-controlled belt drive motor features a speed regulating optical sensor that continuously measures and adjusts variances in linear velocity and acceleration within a few hundredths of a percent at a wow and flutter of 0.07. The decoupling of the drive from the plinth supresses motor vibrations and noise from reaching the stylus, resulting in accurate speed so records sound perfect at every play.

The multi-layered wood chassis inhibits the transfer of unwanted resonance through the system. The three rubber spike-type, height-adjustable isolation feet minimize surface contact under the turntables, resulting in increased immunity to environmental vibrations and allowing for greater low-frequency signal pickup and improved imaging.

The RT84 and RT85 feature a frosted acrylic platter that enhances aesthetic and sonic qualities of the turntables. The high density and greater mass of the acrylic material provide stable inertia to achieve a more consistent speed while also damping unwanted vibrations by dissipating the energy. The RT84 and RT85 deliver a more three-dimensional sound with tighter bass, a fuller midrange, and overall improved clarity.

(The RT82 and RT83 come with a metal platter but can be easily upgraded with the acrylic platter.) 

The balanced S-shaped tonearm allows for accurate tracking of record grooves and no electronics placed within in the signal path from the stylus tip to the gold-plated RCA outputs, contributing to pure, exceptionally detailed sound.

The Reference High Fidelity Turntables, RT82 ($299), RT83 ($349), RT84 ($449), and RT85 ($499), are available now in black and walnut at www.fluance.com.