IK Multimedia has debuted SampleTank 4, the next generation of IK’s sound and groove workstation that offers professional-quality sounds and editing and effects for musicians and producers. 

SampleTank 4 offers an expanded sample library (up to 8,000 sounds across 250 GB of samples) and a redesigned, scalable/zoomable interface. A new sound engine offers hard-disk streaming and advanced sound design/editing possibilities.

The library and sound engine are complemented by dynamic groove “players” (arpeggiator, strummer, pattern and loop player), 13 new effects (for a total of 70), a new Mix window, a unique Live mode and powerful integration with IK’s iRig Keys I/O line.

Three versions are available: SampleTank 4 SE; SampleTank 4; and SampleTank 4 MAX. Go to www.sampletan.com/4 for details.