LumaForge, which specializes in video collaboration, has announced that its Jellyfish workflow server is now available via Apple, at, in addition to directly from LumaForge.

Jellyfish combines video storage with customized software in a plug-and-play solution for video teams. Designed by seasoned filmmakers, editors, colorists and creatives, Jellyfish is the hub that connects all these critical roles, according to LumaForge CEO Josh Minney. It’s offered in three versions:

° Jellyfish Mobile, a solution for small teams or teams without a server room infrastructure. It provides storage, high-speed connections to that storage and integrations with all major video editing tools and operating systems.  Enough to power 4K – 8K workflows, Jellyfish Mobile is built into a small portable box with a handle for easy transportation.

° Jellyfish Tower, designed for teams that have larger capacity needs. It’s the size of a large PC that can fit under a desk and can directly connect more than 20 Macs or PCs.

° Jellyfish Rack. Jellyfish Rack is identical in functionality to Jellyfish Tower, but designed to easily fit into existing server racks.