A couple weeks ago, iFixIt’s Mac mini Late 2018 Teardown revealed that Apple finally maxed out the Mac mini with replaceable RAM. The last time we saw removable RAM in a Mac mini was way back in 2012—the same year Apple introduced the iPhone 5.

Now you can beat Apple’s prices on RAM configurations. TSraight from Apple, your mini’s RAM will cost an extra $200, $600, or $1400 for 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, respectively. iFixIt’s kit can give you 32GB of RAM for $275 less. As an added bonus, iFixIt’s16GB kit can be a 20GB kit if you keep one of the base 4GB sticks.)

iFixIt’s upgrade kit costs $164.99. It comes with: a PC4-21300 16GB RAM chip; a spudger, opening tool; angled tweezers, precision bit driver, and 4mm precisions bits.