Video editors, cinematographers, gamers and all other PC power users have a KVM that supports either two or four PC inputs while maintaining dual DisplayPort cinema 4K monitor output at 60Hz and 7.1 surround sound.

Imagine for a moment that you just get done editing a 20-minute-long short film in 4K, but the moment you start processing an export of that video you know your computer will be utterly useless for the next couple of hours, but you have other work that can’t wait.

The above scenario isn’t uncommon, and video processing is just one of the numerous applications that can tie up your computer. It’s in these circumstances that having a second, third or even a fourth computer at your desk helps you maintain productivity and maximize the amount of work you can do in a day. 

IOGEAR’s new $575.95 GCS1942 and $795.95 GCS1944 KVMP switches allow you to seamlessly switch computers with the push of a button, while maintaining all of your peripherals, dual DisplayPort cinema 4K displays and 7.1 surround sound.