MW3D Solutions has released Cheetah3D 7.3, an update of the modeling, rendering, and animation software for the Mac. The most noticeable change is support for macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode.

The next big addition is support of PBR shaders. PBR shaders and texture collections have become the de facto standard for creating physically based materials. The Falcon renderer now offers integration of PBR materials into Cheetah3D.

Cheetah3D 7.3 also adds support for the glTF file format. glTF is shaping up to become the industry standard for 3D content delivery to games, web, and VR/AR. Finally, Falcon adds support for rendering refractive caustics.

Cheetah3D 7.3 requires macOS 10.8.5 or later. It costs $99 for a single-user license. Customers may upgrade from older versions for $49. If you purchased Cheetah3D after April 1, 2015, the upgrade to v7.3 is free. You can order Cheetah3D 7.3 at MW3D’s online shop .