CEntrance’s (www.centrance.com) new MixerFace R4 – Mobile Recording Interface is designed to allow songwriters, podcasters, video bloggers, and others to easily record professional-quality audio anywhere using a smartphone or a tablet. 

The handheld, 4-channel device turns a smartphone or tablet into a DAW, making it quick and easy to capture musical ideas, remote interviews, field recordings, or live stream audio with video. The built-in mic preamps feature true 48V phantom power, so users can choose their favorite microphone for recording. 

An internal, long-lasting rechargeable battery sets MixerFace R4 apart from other portable audio interfaces and makes it the ideal companion for the road to record audio from almost any location. It also features balanced studio monitor outputs and can double up as a USB recording interface in a project studio. 

The MixerFace R4 is now shipping worldwide to U.S. dealers and international distributors. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349.99.