Flexibits has updated Fantastical, its calendar app for the Mac, to version 2.5. The upgrade adds requested and features and is a free update for existing users.

Fantastical 2.5 allows you to send and receive new time proposals on Exchange, iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts. When users are sent an invite and need to propose an alternate time, they can simply click the option to propose a new time and a response will be sent to the organizer. The organizer can then quickly accept or reject the suggested changes.

Also included in version 2.5 is full support for Meetup. Simply add a Meetup account and users can find local meetups by viewing and responding to their Meetup events directly in Fantastical.

Fantastical 2.5 also includes support for sending Exchange invitations that don’t require responses from invitees, as well as refinements and improvements that make things faster. Improvements include showing multi-day timed events in the all-day section, changing start dates quickly via the keyboard, and optimized subscription loading.

Fantastical 2.5 requires macOS 10.11 or higher. For new users the cost is $49.99. You can obtain Fantastical 2.5 from the Flexibits Store (https://flexibits.com/fantastical) or the Mac App Store.