Urbanears (https://www.urbanears.com/ue_us_en) has announced an addition to its line of speakers with the Lotsen. Lotsen is a compact Wi-Fi speaker with big capabilities. It fills small to mid-sized rooms with well-balanced sound and a pleasing bass kick. 

Lotsen allows users to enjoy a variety of audio choices with the flexibility to connect in multiple ways. You can connect via Wi-Fi and access all your favorite streaming services, pair with Bluetooth, or grab an aux cord and hook up the turntable. Users can stream from Spotify connect, Airplay or Chromecast built-in, all while staying up-to-date with the latest features and connection possibilities via over-the-air updates.

The Lotsen pairs with Urbanears’ Stammen and Baggen, which launched in early 2017. Multiroom capabilities allow users to combine two or more multiroom speakers to create a customized soundscape. You can play them together or set a different mood in each room.

The Lottsen keeps it simple with no digital displays or cryptic messages. Daily use can be managed with the customizable presets, using the two knobs at the top of the speaker. With these presets, users can keep a range of moods on standby for instant play at the push of the knob. 

A single push switches pause to play, or solo to multi mode. A twist adjusts volume. You can save up to seven favorite albums, playlists, and stations via Spotify Premium and internet radio.  Set-up and use is simple as well, with the Urbanears app. You can operate the speaker from any room. The app takes users be­hind the scenes to set up the speaker, manage presets and multiroom settings, and adjust the equalizer to perfection.

Wrapped 360 degrees in acoustically transparent fabric, the Lotsen comes in six different colors. It will be available this summer for $199.