Brainwavz ( has introduces its $49.50 S0 IEM noise isolating earphones. They’re designed to provide a balanced sound signature with each part of the sound spectrum represented being both accurate and clear.

The all metal housing and flat, tangle free cabling provides a sleek look, feel and durability. The Clearwavz mic and remote use a n MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System) silicon microphone with a three-button control. This enables users to make audio calls as well as audio playback.

The S0 earphones also come with Comply S-400 foam tips for perfect seals and enhanced bass. Within the packing, there are also various other foam tips included, so there’s a size and style for everyone. Brainwavz also offers a range of audio accessories including headphone memory foam earpads for extra comfort on both Brainwavz or other branded headphones, as well as headphone hangers.