More than half of business teams of all sizes are seeing productivity gains of over 40%, according to the findings of a new report from FileMaker, Inc. ( The company’s third annual State of the Custom App Report, released today, examines how businesses are harnessing digital transformation and reducing inefficiencies with custom apps.

The global report sheds light on the ways custom apps are driving better, stronger end-results while improving the process of work. The report found that custom apps are being used in a wide variety of ways to help teams accomplish their business goals by streamlining workloads.

These tools don’t require prior coding experience and provide users with the flexibility and customizability that pre-packaged software typically lacks. Other

° Custom apps are quick to build – 72%of businesses had their apps up and running in under six months.

° 93% saw a reduction in inefficient tasks.

° 91% saw increase in team productivity.

° 51% saw an increase of over 40%.

° 77% saw a reduction in manual data entry.

° 76% reported a return on investment (ROI).

“Prior to adopting custom apps, businesses reported struggling with paper processes, scattered sources of information, complex spreadsheets and significant manual data entry,” Ann Monroe, vice president of worldwide marketing and customer success, FileMaker, Inc., said. “This report showcases the benefits that business teams of all sizes are reaping from using custom apps to solve their day-to-day process challenges. FileMaker enables organizations to overcome operations issues so they can focus on delivering great service and growing their businesses.”