Flexera (www.flexera.com), the company that’s “reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, has announced an IDG Research/Flexera CIO QuickPulse poll revealing that IT execs remain extremely concerned about the visibility of applications deployed in the cloud – specifically Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) implementations.  

“Organizations are spending millions on software running on the cloud,” said Walker White, vice president of Data Platform at Flexera.  “Yet, many have no idea that moving their applications to the cloud often exposes them to the same security and compliance risk they faced with on-premises.  IT executives are rightfully concerned.  Bottom line?  Without visibility into their IT assets on the cloud, companies can’t reduce those risks and make sound business decisions.”

Among the poll’s findings:

° Nearly all (98%) of respondents say it’s highly important to have access to reliable, normalized information about IT assets (e.g., end of life (EOL), end of support (EOS), compatibility, pricing, etc.) across on-premises and IaaS environments to enable better decisions

° Many respondents lack sufficient visibility into IT assets, particularly those deployed in an IaaS environment. When asked about their organizations’ challenges accessing IT asset information, the majority (60%) identified the time consuming, manual nature of the process as their biggest pain point.

° Fifty-eight percent of respondents say without access to reliable IT asset information, gaps in IT asset visibility will lead to security breaches

° More than half (52%) believe increased visibility into IT assets would be useful in supporting data center transformation initiatives

° Forty-two percent of respondents cited increased costs among their top three concerns resulting from not having access to reliable IT asset information

° Forty percent of respondents cited reduced performance among their top three concerns resulting from not having access to the same reliable IT asset information.