Alien Skin Software today announced the release of Exposure X3, their non-destructive RAW photo editor and organizer. Exposure is an award-winning photo editor that combines organizational tools with gorgeous photo processing into a single solution.

Photographers can organize, edit, enhance, and export their photos using Exposure’s workflow. Its design streamlines image management and backups, and enables multi-computer and collaborative workflows that are not possible with traditional editing tools.

This latest version of Exposure introduces numerous creative enhancements. Color and B&W toning enhancements give photographers greater control over their image adjustments. The side-by-side view provides a way to compare multiple images, or to audition multiple presets on a single image. Linear and radial gradient tools enable a fade between two or more effects. Adjustable borders include grunge and wet plate looks.

There are new organizing tools, as well. Virtual copies enable photographers to edit multiple variations of a single photo, without taking up additional disk space. Exposure’s keywords interface enables photographers to add descriptive tags to their photo, making it easy to organize photos around themes and to create keyword sets. The collections tools help them group their images, no matter where they appear on their computer.

Exposure X3 is available now from for $149. Upgrade pricing is available to owners of previous versions of Exposure for $99.