MEEM Memory, the design and innovation technology company that launched MEEM, a backup device that charges and automatically stores user’s personal data and memories directly onto the cable, has launched the MEEM Network.

Users will now have total platform independence allowing them to back up different devices and formats onto the same cable with 100% visibility. Additionally, the MEEM Network now allows users to back up all of their data via Wi-Fi to a computer or laptop for extra security with the MEEM desktop app. Backed up data is accessible and entirely visible on the desktop or laptop and is fully useable on the computer. With a simple swipe within the app, MEEM Network will transfer any amount of saved data from one operating platform to another over a personal, secure Wi-Fi network when connected to the MEEM cable.

iOS and Android content can now be backed up on to the same MEEM cable and all content is completely visible and useable. This new functionality gives users the ability to hare data between their three configured devices. Users can also share any of the data from the three devices externally via email, messaging apps and social media platforms with the touch of a button inside the MEEM app.
The MEEM Network also allows parents to have visibility of their children’s content. Once a parent adds their child to the MEEM Network, their children’s contacts, messages, photos and videos can be backed up and visible for the parent to view via Wi-Fi each time a parent connects their device to the MEEM. This new functionality is designed to offer parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe on their smartphone or tablet.
The MEEM Memory App featuring MEEM Network is now available to download free at the Apple App Store.  The desktop and laptop version of MEEM Network is available free at .