BEZALEL’s Omnia in-car wireless charger — boasting an Apple-inspired design, materials and construction — is part of the company’s total wireless charging solution for the iPhone 6 and 7, which also includes the Latitude wireless charging case and Futura X wireless charging pad. 

The Omnia clips securely to any dashboard air vent, and has an adjustable mount that rotates so the phone may be viewed in portrait or landscape position. It powers up the iPhone wirelessly while providing hands-free calling and access to all the phone’s apps. 

The Omnia’s magnet strong enough to support even the heaviest Plus-size mobile phones. The strong magnet helps ensure the phone doesn’t lose its grip and fall on the floor or in between seats. In addition, it aligns with the positioning magnet in BEZALEL’s Latitude case to ensure the charging pad and phone always make optimal contact.

The Omnia provides up to 1.0A charging speed using the Qi charging standard. BEZALEL will introduce a faster version of the Omnia for the upcoming “iPhone 8” and other fast-charging handsets later this year.

The Omnia in-car wireless charger is available for $59.90 via the BEZALEL website ( and ( 

BEZALEL’s companion Latitude iPhone wireless charging case ( sells for a discounted price of $44.90 when bundled with the Omnia.