Batteroo Inc.has introduced two new products in a family of tech solutions that enables rechargeable batteries to not only be compatible in alkaline-only devices for the first time but also delivers more consistent battery lifecycles with every charge – the Batteroo ReBoost SmartSleeve and Batteroo ReBoost SmartShell.
The ReBoost SmartSleeve is a microthin sleeve that fits over rechargeable batteries to bring together the reusability and sustainability benefits of rechargeables with the peak performance capability of alkaline batteries. It boosts voltage to 1.5 volts so rechargeable batteries can now operate in all alkaline-only applications. 

Batteroo’s microchip technology continuously manages voltage discharge over the duration of the battery’s charge to ensure devices maintain an optimal and more consistent performance over a longer time period.  A built-in automatic shut-off circuit prevents devices from discharging below the rechargeable batteries’ recommended operating conditions to avoid damage to the rechargeable battery itself and eliminate the risk of toxic chemical leaks, which may lead to fire.
Batteroo ReBoost SmartShell allows consumers to use AA/AAA rechargeable batteries in C/D alkaline-only devices, eliminating the need to buy expensive single-use batteries again. Four AAA rechargeable batteries can be used in place of C batteries while D batteries can be replaced by three AA rechargeables. 

Additionally, the AA SmartShell can be used with a single AAA rechargeable battery to achieve optimal performance and device compatibility in tight-fitting battery compartments.  Using Batteroo ReBoost SmartShells not only save money and waste from buying disposable batteries but devices are better able to maintain optimal performance over a longer period of time.
Additional information about the revolutionary Batteroo ReBoost family line, including how to purchase SmartSleeves and/or SmartShells, is available at  Five-hundred early-bird special bundles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis in addition to packages of various configurations that save purchasers anywhere from $5 to $550 off retail value.