Twelve South’s ( newest edition of the BookBook (Vol 2) has arrived. The $79.99 leather case fist the newest 12-inch MacBooks and 13-inch MacBook Pros.

Vol. 2 offers all the protection of the previous BookBook, but has also received a bit of a makeover with a 42% slimmer silhouette and a new spine design. It also debuts a hidden document pocket. This feature allows you to carry up to 20 pages of documents (depending on paper thickness), swatches or fabric samples, contracts to be signed, presentations and reference materials.

The BookBook Vol. 2 doubles as a shell that allows you to use your MacBook while it’s in the case. When you open BookBook, you find two elastic bands on the inside cover of the case that can be slipped over the corners of your screen. The next time you open your BookBook, your MacBook screen will open with it, allowing you to type, swipe and interact with the laptop without having to remove the computer from the case.