Koingo Software’s MacPilot 9 (http://tinyurl.com/zrewjr6) is the latest incarnation of the powerful tinker tool the for Mac. With over 500 features, MacPilot allows you to harness the power of UNIX with the elegance and ease of the Mac operating system.

It’s designed for a range of users from the perfectionist who wants to tweak the appearance and functionality of the Dock or Finder, to the system administrator locking-down the operating system for guests. Highlights of the latest version include full compatibility with macOS Sierra, a completely reimagined interface, new Launch Pad features, numerous new OS startup options (ie. startup in Target Disk Mode), modernized-for-2017 broadband network optimization, new system tool links, .asl log viewing support, System Integrity Protection compatibility, revamped Power management settings, and over 100 bug fixes.

Version 9 for macOS Sierra comes with a free 15-day trial upon download, and sells at $29.95 for a single user license after that. For everyone purchasing an older version within the past six months, this version is free. For all others, the upgrade can be found by clicking Upgrades on the Koingo store. Versions for older copies of macOS are also on the website on the product page under the Download tab.

MacPilot 9 may work on versions of the Mac operating system back o version 10.10. However, it’s recommended for use with macOS 10.12 or later.