Renology’s ( Phoenix is a personal solar energy solution that transforms the power of the sun into dependable energy. It’s designed for mobile, off-grid applications and is ideal for emergencies. A compact, quiet and efficient portable solar generator, the Phoenix is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s a compact, lightweight back-up system that combines two Renogy 10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels and can expand up to 120 watts with additional PVs (Photovoltaics). The Phoenix can be charged three ways — the sun, standard home/office 120v outlet or an automobile 12v lighter outlet. Also, with the included replaceable 16Ah Li-ion(NMC) battery, the capability of limitless power is possible. The unit comes with a built-in handle for portability and a LCD panel that shows remaining power and output usage.

The ideal power source for camping, tailgating or survivalist excursions, the waterproof Phoenix Briefcase allows a user to be in the most remote locations and always have access to unlimited power. Unlike conventional gas generators that use motors and discharges fumes, the Phoenix is 100% battery powered, making it safe for use indoors during emergencies or to reduce energy related expenses.

The built-in 150 watt USB and AC/DC outputs are compatible with a full range of devices and appliances, allowing consumers to simultaneously charge and power multiple items including smartphones, TVs, laptops, small appliances, cameras, lamps and more. The Phoenix Briefcase is launching exclusively on for a reduced price of $599 ($100 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price).